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ERNEST CHAPLET AND FREDERIC HEXAMER "The Harvest Large barrel vase in dark brown stoneware, decorated with three naturalistic harvest scenes forming a rotating frieze. The figures and nature are modeled in high relief: two young women picking grapes on either side of a vine, a winegrower emptying the cut fruit from his hood into a barrel, a man holding his hood so that a harvester can pour the contents of her apron into it; trees and a farm chiseled in low relief in the background. Two green enamelled bands with gold highlights frame these agricultural scenes at the top and bottom. Old label (torn) from Maison Moreau in Bordeaux bearing the handwritten inscription "Haviland & C° Limoges - Auteuil 1885" on the reverse of the base. (A few small chips, stains and wear). Height 58 cm - Width 36 cm 'Les Vendanges' a large vase in stoneware. Signed. Old teared label with written inscription. (Some slight chips, stains and wear). H. 22 7/8 in. - W. 14 1/8 in. Provenance : Private collection, France Bibliography: This vase is to be compared with the one entitled "Les Moissons" reproduced in the catalog of the Exhibition "Französische Keramik zwischen 1850 und 1910", Prestel-Verlag, Munchen, 1974, pp. 112-113 under n° 44

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