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Alfred de MUSSET. Un spectacle dans un fauteuil. Paris, Eugène Renduel, 1833 [then Paris, librairie de la Revue des Deux Mondes and London, Bailliere, 1834]. 3 volumes in-8, (2) ff, 288 pp, (2) ff; (2) ff, VII pp, 366 pp, (1) f.; (2) ff, 353 pp, (1) f.: Jansenist red morocco, ribbed spine, double gilt fillet on the edges, interior lace, gilt edges (Cuzin). First editions: the series is complete in three volumes, the first containing the verse pieces, the next two the prose. The show to which the reader is invited contains, for the verse part: La Coupe et les lèvres. - À quoi rêvent les jeunes filles - Namouna. The two prose volumes contain: Lorenzaccio, Les Caprices de Marianne, Fragment du livre XV des Chroniques Florentines, André del Sarto, Fantasio, On ne badine pas avec l'amour and La Nuit vénitienne. "The second issue of Un spectacle dans un fauteuil reveals Musset's dramatic genius. [...] By not conceiving the plays in his collection for the stage, Musset resolutely turned his back on the experiments of Romantic drama, which, despite Dumas and Hugo, ended in dead ends. By ridding himself of the clichés and antithesis of melodrama, by favoring the truth of feeling over dramatic effect, he demonstrated the possibility of a truly Romantic theater" (L. Chotard). A superb copy with very wide margins. (Bibliothèque nationale, En français dans le texte, 1990, no. 249: notice by L. Chotard. - Clouzot, p. 215: "Very rare set, the last two volumes, of prose, having been partially destroyed").