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Bertrand LAVIER (Born 1949). Ivoire by Lefranc...

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Bertrand LAVIER (Born 1949). Ivoire by Lefranc and Ripolin, 1990 Diptych, glycerophtalic paint on two canvases. Signed and dated on the back. 81 x 54 cm each Provenance: "L'œil avisé d'un collectionneur Bourguignon", acquired from the artist in 1990. "I met Bertrand Lavier in the late '70s and early '80s, I can't remember exactly! I often met him in Dijon as part of the Le Consortium art center, and I own several important editions of his work. In 1990, he asked me to make a piece of equipment for him, which is my company's specialty, similar to an existing model but larger in size, and which he would finalize by adding a pair of pétanque balls to the upper parts. He asks me what type of work I'd like to exchange it for, which will be one color per two manufacturers, following Bertrand Lavier's practice, and I choose the color, which will be white. A few days later, he lets me know that, after testing, white doesn't work! There's not enough difference between the two manufacturers. My new choice was ivory, and he delivered the diptych to me in July 1990, accompanied by Xavier Douroux, a mutual friend. The visit coincided with my current annual exhibition, "Two Collections in Burgundy" - the Zervos bequest in Vézelay and Le Consortium in Dijon, where two important pieces by Bertrand Lavier were on show. "(the collector)

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