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Philippe BURTY (1830-1890). 13 L.A.S., 1871-1884...

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Philippe BURTY (1830-1890). 13 L.A.S., 1871-1884 and s.d., to Henry HOUSSAYE; 18 pages in-8 and in-12. Invitations, condolences for the death of the wife of uncle Édouard Houssaye, (1871), announcement of a conference on ancient and modern Japan, about articles for the review L'Artiste and their illustration (notably with small Japanese woodcuts); one to Édouard Houssaye, about a sonnet of which Burty asks for the autograph copy. March 8, 1877: he would like to insert a letter from Fromentin in his volume "Maîtres et Petits Maîtres" which is currently being prepared by Charpentier; in his letter Fromentin thanks L'Artiste for sending him a volume in which he is mentioned: "Could it be the volume of your father? Of Gautier? In any case, it must be about a Summer in the Sahara because Fromentin announces A year in the Sahel. July 12, 1880 : thanks for a note on the Letters of Eugène Delacroix : " these letters discover us a robust worker, a passionate of the profession. It is a feeling that has become rare"...