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Qadjar Manuscript - Shiite prayer book copied...

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Qadjar Manuscript - Shiite prayer book copied by Mohammed Ali b. Mohammed Sadaq al-Isfahani. Ink, polychrome pigments and gold on paper, bound in lacquered paper mache and painted in polychrome and gold. Iran, dated 1250 AH 1834 AD, Qadjara period. It opens with a unwan frontispiece with an ornate header in polychrome and gold featuring a cartouche with an inscription in red ink on gold reserve. The text of the collection is spread over seven lines per page in vocalized naskh calligraphy, surrounded by red, gold and blue framing. All the titles of the prayers are inscribed in illuminated floral cartouches. The binding is decorated with mandorles and floral pendants, and daffodils on the back covers. Provenance: Strycker collection, Belgium.