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LOUIS XIV THE GREAT 1643-1715 LVD. XIIII. D G FR. ET. NAV.REX. Elderly and laureate head of the king on the right. Above, sun. Underneath, vintage. R/. CHRS REGN VINC IMP. Trefoil (reformation) and cross pattée, mark of Charles III Thomas. Cross formed of eight crowned L's on a scepter and a hand of justice in saltire. Workshop letter in the center. Fr 436; Dy 1443A; Gad 253 Louis d'or aux huit L et Insignes 1701 E = Tours. (6,72 g) Very large flan. Reformation. Superb. The heavy burdens of the wars of Louis XIV weighed on the monetary system. Metals, gold and silver were lacking for the minting of coins. One had recourse to an ingenious operation which bears the name of "reformation". It took advantage of the improvements of the mechanics to dispense with the remelting of the coins of the beginning of the reign and to superimpose them to the new type. The reformations are identifiable by a particular symbol (star, clover, crescent, shell, rosette...). Sometimes the previous issues have left visible traces. Expert : CABINET JEAN VINCHON NUMISMATIQUE - Tél: +33(0)1 42 97 50 00

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