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INCUNABLE - BERGOMENSIS (Jacobus Philippus Foresti,...

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[INCUNABLE - BERGOMENSIS (Jacobus Philippus Foresti, alias)]. [In the register:] Opus de claris scelectisque plurimis mulieribus a fratre Ja. philippo Bergo//mense editum [...]. Ferrarie impressus Opera & impensa Magistri Laurentii de rubeis de Valentia [...]. tertio kal. maias. anno salutis noster. M.cccclxxxxvii. [Ferrara, Lorenzo de Rossi, April 29, 1497]. Small folio (210 x 318 mm), soft ivory vellum (20th c. binding). Work revised and edited by Albertus de Placentia (alias Albert of Piacenza) and Augustine of Casalmaggiore. 174 ff. (out of 176): A4, a-e8, f6, g-p8, q6, r8, s6, t8, v6, x8 & y-z6 (folioed from I to CLXX with some errors). Three pages with large woodcuts, two with large figures (one in frontispiece, here lacking), and numerous small woodcuts in the text, often repeated; initials. From the library of Marie-Louise de Clermont-Tonnerre, with bookplate. Slight wetness (notably with small accident at the foot of the first two leaves); ff. A1 (title with large wood on verso) & A4 (first table leaf) lacking; f. s2 flying and from another copy (fol. CXXXIII), followed by an added blank leaf; foot corner of last leaf cut off (without affecting the index). CELEBRARY INCUNABLE, including references to St. Joan of Arc (on 4 pp.) as well as the false papess Joan, said to be the first printed work to deal with major female figures in history. Hain-Copinger, 2813; Pellechet, 2069; Polain, 1497; Proctor, 5762; Brunet, I, 787.

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