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SECOND PART - TARDIEU (Ambroise) French engraver,...

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SECOND PART - [TARDIEU (Ambroise)] French engraver, cartographer and publisher of prints (1788-1841) He published in particular the review "LA MUSE FRANÇAISE", a short-lived monthly periodical, which lasted from 1823 to 1824. Set of 10 letters addressed to him, most of them autographed, concerning this review. BAOUR-LORMIAN (Louis-Pierre-Marie-François) French poet and playwright, elected to the French Academy in 1815 (1770-1854) Autograph letter. _ p. in-8 oblong. He asks Tardieu to send him his decision within the day. "I was thinking of putting the declaration we had agreed upon at the head of the in-8 edition. If Mr. Tardieu wishes it I will do it for this one but then it will be useless to send me the proofs of the in-8 edition because I would not change a single word...". BLACAS D'AULPS (Pierre-Jean-Louis-Casimir, duke of) politician, diplomat and great lover of antiques (1771-1839) Letter signed. _ p. in-4. Nice letter of convenience in order to subscribe "six copies", to the Muse Française. "These copies should be sent to the office of the King's Chamber. I am very happy to have been able to obtain this favor for your interesting collection...". GAY (Sophie) French woman of letters, composer and salonnière (1776-1852) Autograph letter signed. Villiers, this 18 November 1822. 1 pp. in-8. Address and postmarks. Sophie Gay was to collaborate the following year to the " Muse Française ", for Ambroise Tardieu. She is retained for one more month, to take care of her daughter (Delphine Gay, future Mme de Girardin). She has also promised to finish a work. "I beg him to give me some news and to let me know if the second drawing of Anatole is engraved. [Most likely related to his work, "Anatole".] He owes me a visit and details that he should pay well either by engraving the evenings of the country, or by writing me a letter...". GUIRAUD (Alexandre) French poet and playwright born in Limoux (1788-1847) Autograph letter signed "Alexandre". [Limoux], October 20, 1823. 2 pp. in-4. Address and postmarks. He asks for his proofs, not having any return. "It would have been advantageous if you had sent me my proofs so that I would have had all the time to make my corrections. That becomes impossible for me now. Because most of my elegies have not remained in my memory; but finally I will be in Paris at the end of the month. It seems to me that the format in which Lamartine has just been printed is much more elegant than the in-18 format that you are planning for me. You should try, if nothing is ready yet, to have it drawn up in this way. You should also perhaps in your interests, put Ladvocat (Pierre François Ladvocat was a French bookseller-publisher) by half in your enterprise, because he is really admirable to sell, and that in all the provincial cities one has his books, and not those of the other booksellers [....] Here is an Elegy for the Muse. I warned Emile that I was sending it to you. It is possible that I title my Elegies Lesbiennes, what do you think? An autograph note from Guiraud (_ about and valorizing his publications is attached. "One was waiting with impatience for the collection of elegies of Mr Adre Guiraud, announced since a long time: the prodigious success of the Savoyard Elegies, which not having been delivered to the sale of the bookshop, were requested from all parts .... it will appear next Monday January 19 at Mr Ambroise Tardieu... ". HUGO (Victor) French poet and novelist (1802-1885) Autograph letter signed. Paris, August 22 [1823] _ p. in-4. The young Hugo, only 21 years old, cooperates with this romantic review most certainly thanks to the recent friendship of Charles Nodier, who was already collaborating with the Muse Française. It is said that V. H. resisted at first to the solicitations to collaborate, and yielded only by friendship. "I beg Mr. Tardieu to pass on the note so enclosed to his address: the bearer will bring back the answer that it is very urgent that I have today, if we want to appear on September 1st. Mr. Tardieu would oblige me infinitely by giving me an answer at my home, rue du cherche midi n° 39... ". JULLIEN DE PARIS (Marc Antoine) French publicist and politician (1775-1848) An enthusiastic admirer of Robespierre, he denounced, among other things, the excesses of power of Carrier. After the 9 Thermidor the different representatives he had denounced, attacked him vehemently and formulated an accusation against him, representing him as one of the most active accomplices of Robespierre. Autograph letter signed. Paris, August 21, 1823. Header of the "Revue Encyclopédique". 1 pp. gd in-4. Very beautiful letter of this period where he became a defender of the public liberties and of all the ideas of progress with this encyclopedic review that he had founded since 1808. It is about a probable union or association of ideas, in his review and that of Tardieu. "By counting

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