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MEDICINE - 2 autograph manuscripts "Aphorisms...

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MEDICINE - 2 autograph manuscripts "Aphorisms of Hipocrates" (sic) and "On death, considered as a disease". The first manuscript is an 18th century autograph manuscript, including numerous spelling mistakes, relating to this work of Hippocrates, by a certain Philibert Cholet, student in surgery. 150 p. in-8, in a very tired paper cover, no spine. It is composed of several chapters, developed "from book one to book six". Beginning with a brief biography of Hippocrates, it is followed by a brief precision concerning the order of the aphorisms, "that they were written by Hypocrates, but they are arranged according to the parts of medicine to which they belong. Thus the aphorism 2 of this first book, is in hypocrates the 4 of the second book". The second manuscript, is also autograph of the XVIIIth century, written by the same student. 80 p. small in-8, under a very tired paper cover, back partially preserved. Six chapters dealing with diseases, titled: De la mort, considérée comme maladie, De la Petite vérole, De l'inoculation, Des Plaies en général, De la Vérole, Maladie Vénérienne ou Vérole. Following, the properties of the vegetable kingdom, "written according to the public lessons".

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