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Georges Alfred CHAUDET, French painter, photographer...

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Georges Alfred CHAUDET, French painter, photographer and art dealer (1870-1899) Set of 7 autograph letters signed to Roderic O'Conor. Paris, from March 12, 1895 to January 26, 1898. 24 p. in-8. Superb correspondence, where it is often question of Gauguin. Attached is a card from Léon Chaudet, Georges' brother, dated November 17, 1899, indicating the death of his brother and the availability of works by his brother O'Conor, which are now held in his home.March 12, 1895. I cannot express to you the great joy that I had at the reception of your charming letter and your beautiful etchings, reveals Chaudet, And I can only tell you one thing about it, it is that you made me enjoy deliciously... . He informs her that Seguin left ten days ago for Pont-Aven, where he arrived at the height of the influenza, which apparently claims many victims. [...] You must know that poor Gauguin is ill. It is to believe that he has the curse. Your commission was made to him by Seguin... . September 8 and 10, 1897. He tells him that the framer has come for the paintings. There was one that Seguin had taken from Alice and sold to Le Barc [Louis Léon Le Barc de Boutteville] for one hundred cents... As for the Gauguin, I am happy to learn that you find it to your taste... . He thanks him for his eagerness to render him the requested service, namely a loan of one hundred francs. As for the lithos of Gauguin, I do not know why Seguin asked you for them. First of all, they are not such rare things. Seguin had told me that a dealer had asked him for colored prints on yellow paper. I had one, bought a few years ago and not being able to help poor Seguin who is still waiting for the 1200 frs in question. I gave it to him hoping that he would find some money with it and the poor old man beat the pavement of Paris without being able to get a hundred pennies... . He saw Vollard and told him that he had made improvements to his store and reported that the gallery of Le Barc was taken over by a man named Dosbourg, a former framer. His intention is to continue what Le Barc did. To give you an idea of the stupidity of this character. Here is the blunder he just made and which had its outcome today. This animal had built up a collection of paintings paid in gilding to artists such as Maufra, Loiseau, Moret, Guilloux etc.. Didn't he have the idea of selling this collection at the Hôtel Drouot - Chevalier auctioneer and Georges Petit expert you can see it from here, can't you .... January 13, 19, 20 and 26, 1898. He tells him that his paintings are framed and that he has stuck the labels as agreed. They look very good, and he prepares to send them to the exhibition of the Libre Esthétique, in Brussels. The Gauguin arrived in very good condition as did your paintings. O'Conor counts 5 paintings and Chaudet has found second-hand frames and tells him the prices for each one and adds that he has received a letter from Gauguin, who as usual is crying pity. I end up believing that life in Tahiti is much more expensive than in Paris... .

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