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BEAUX-ARTS - Set of 45 autograph letters or cards...

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BEAUX-ARTS - Set of 45 autograph letters or cards signed. Some letters are accompanied by a file with notes and documentation. Léon BONNAT, (1 l.a.s and 1 l.s). Leonetto CAPPIELLO, (l.a.s and postcard a.s). Charles CHAPLIN, (2 l.a.s, one incomplete). Leonor FINI, (c.a.s). Alfred GRÉVIN, (3 l.a.s and drawing with autog. note). Henri HARPIGNIES, (l.a.s). Jean-Paul LAURENS, (3 l.a.s, 6 c.a.s, 1 l.s, and 3 c.v). Jean-Jacques MORVAN, (3 l.a.s). Alphonse de NEUVILLE, (8 l.a.s and one c.v.). Roland OUDOT, (2 letters to the editor). Emile PHILIPPE, (l.a.s). André PLANSON (2 letters to the editor). Pierre PUVIS de CHAVANNES, (l.a.s and cv).

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