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BECKETT (Samuel) Irish writer, poet and playwright (1906-1989) Correspondence of 10 signed letters or autograph cards addressed to Edith Fournier, his friend and translator. Paris, La Ferte-sous-Jouarre, from 1962 to 1978. 11 p. of various sizes. 9 envelopes kept. November 26, 1962. About the book by Higgins, Felo de se , ""The death we give ourselves"", translated from English by Edith Fournier and published by Éditions de Minuit . He does not want to interfere with the presentation text of Lindon . (Jérôme Lindon, director of Éditions de Minuit). He trusts him and engages him to arrange in his own way, the blurb that here, and to propose it to him as coming from yourself. A.C.H. (Aidan Charles Higgins) was born and raised in Dublin. It was while struggling with the worst material difficulties in Ireland and London, in Europe and Africa, and while working in the most diverse and thankless jobs, that he wrote the present work published in 1960 in G. B. at J.C. (John Calder), under the title Felo de se... . March 2, 1963. He thanks her for sending Higgins' book, translated by Edith Fournier, on which she had dedicated it to him. Thank you with all my heart for Death...and for your so nice dedication... . May 5, 1964. Long and beautiful letter about Higgins' novel Naufrage, which the translator was translating for Editions de Minuit. He gives her advice and indications. I think, without being sure, that (1) ""Switchback etc"" is to be compared with (2) ""collection of jadedstones"" (parenthesis of author judging his work) and suggest you for (1) ""cross-referencing from one small piece to another"", switchback"" having nothing to do with ""roller coaster"" but rather ""backward""... . September 6 or 9, 1964. He thanks her for the autographed book he received and asks her to kiss Mania for him. [Maya Péron, known as Mania, a French resistance fighter of Russian origin, joined the Gloria network and helped recruit Beckett into this resistance network. She helped Beckett escape to the free zone after her husband's arrest. They remained very close]. Paris, March 2, 1967. Beckett, suffering from a fracture, remains quite tired. He thanks her for her praise of his experimental film. Thank you for what you tell me about FILM. It is not yet that, but always there for me the chance of the cinema... . January 29, 1968. He has just received Naufrage by Higgins, translated by her, published that same year. He thanks her and asks her to kiss Mania for him, Mania who is always with her. 15 March 1969. He sympathizes with his friend's worries and prefers to postpone the meeting with LaMichauze, being unable to ensure a work appointment for the time being, knowing that the meeting would be of no benefit to the book... . March 1, 1971. Probably about his second cataract operation, first performed in October 1970. Don't look too closely at this sinister container. The second mutilation is a success. I will again have to disbelieve both of them more than ever. I hope that the Auvergne has done you good and that we will meet again at Mania soon... . March 19, 1976. Israel H. has just had a health accident in Chicago, Beckett announces to his friend, he asks me to warn you. As he tells her the message he has received, "Please tell Edith what has happened to me. I love her dearly. I'm afraid I've given her tow real flops with Cappella - Spared, but too late for scooping up to milk or Whatever"..., he added Her condition seems to be quite serious.... [Israel Horowitz was an American screenwriter, actor and playwright, who befriended Beckett after a first meeting in Paris at the Closerie de Lilas. This meeting, which was supposed to last only a short time, lasted several hours and led to a friendship that would last for several decades.] May 28, 1978. About his one-act play Pas , published by Editions de Minuit in 1977. I'm glad you liked Pas. Your judgment means a lot to me... A substantial file is attached, including an autograph letter signed by Suzanne Beckett, his wife, to Edith Fournier, dated January 20, 1968, acknowledging receipt of the copy of Naufrage and congratulating her on the work accomplished. In this file we also find two typescripts entitled SANS: Cantata and Fugue for a Refuge (one signed by Edith Fournier with corrections, both by the translator and some in the margins, by Samuel Beckett, of whom we have attached two copies of Lettres Nouvelles, where this article appears), an autograph card signed by Sam, relating to this file, dated February 21, 1971, Dear Edith, thank you for your kind letter, Here is the "Key" to SANS. Good convalescence and complete recovery... , an autograph manuscript of Edith Fournier, relating to another file, dated February 21, 1971, "Dear Edith

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