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Model of a galleon. Spain, 20th century. Silver. Net...

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Model of a galleon. Spain, 20th century. Silver. Net weight silver 5 kg (approx.). Soiled, although in good general condition. Measurements: 88 x 110 x 24 cm. This piece represents a 17th century Spanish galleon. A singular work due to its dimensions, it represents the typical Spanish war vessel with a great level of detail. A galleon is a sailing vessel used since the beginning of the 15th century. They were a derivation of the carrack but combined with the speed of the caravel. Galleons were powerful but versatile warships that could be used equally well for trade or exploration. From the mid-16th century they became the main trading ship of European nations as well as warships and later types of large warships were based on their design.

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