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Jean-Paul ALAUX (1876-1955) Visions japonaises,...

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Jean-Paul ALAUX (1876-1955) Visions japonaises, Paris, Devambez Editor, 1920 Rare and exceptional complete copy, on vellum, numbered 250/300 Under original cover, with title page, preface, table of prints and justification of the edition Nice condition. Dimensions : 44 x 30,5 cm. Bibliography : Christel Haffner Lance, Visions japonaises de Jean-Paul Alaux, du Bassin d'Arcachon au Pacifique, Arcachon, La Librairie Générale, 2018. Reproduced with the permission of Mrs. Christel Haffner Lance whom we thank. The album Visions japonaises, published at 300 numbered copies in 1920, is composed of twelve color prints related to the Bassin d'Arcachon (except for the 8th plate, a Mediterranean landscape): Plate 1. La Grande Dune, dated 1909 Plate 2. The Giant Pine of Moulleau, dated 1912 Plate 3. The Piquey Pines, dated 1911 Plate 4. The Village at low tide, dated 1913 Plate 5. The Twisted Pine, dated 1909 Plate 6. The Moulleau Beach, undated, before 1914 Plate 7. Moonlight, dated 1913 Plate 8. blue sea, dated 1912 Plate 9. The Beach of Pirailhan (sic), undated, before 1914 Plate 10. Fishing with torches, undated Plate 11. The Magnificent Pine, dated 1912 Plate 12. The Sea Bream, dated 1914