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Antin Artaud's portrait, self-portrait probably...

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Antin Artaud's portrait, self-portrait probably made by Artaud himself as written in the lower right corner Antonin Artaud by himself, probably in the hand of Paul Eluar Black pencil drawing, circa 1925 25.5 x 22.6 cm Slight tear in the lower right corner restored Framed Paul Eluard and Robert Desnos decided in 1943 to get him out of 6 years of internment in Rouen to Sainte Anne in Paris, then to Ville-Evrard where the conditions, under the occupation, were appalling for Artaud. Thanks to them, he was transferred to Rodez, in an establishment directed by Doctor Servière, an asylum that would prove to be equally terrible for Artaud over time. At that time Paul Eluard and Nusch were accommodated at Lucien Scheler's house between 1942 and 1944. Provenance : Lucien Scheler Collection

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