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Vivant BEAUCÉ (Nolay 1818-1876), painter and illustrator. Autograph...

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Vivant BEAUCÉ (Nolay 1818-1876), painter and illustrator. Autograph letter signed to the painter Émile Loubon (1809-1863). 4 pp. in-4. Cherchell, December 22, 1848. Beautiful letter from Algeria (he had been sent on a mission by l'Illustration to follow the colonization) telling his trip and his installation. "A few days after our arrival here, to the great disappointment of the people of Cherchell, a dismissal occurred. Now we were destined for Marengo and the second convoy for Zurich (read Oued-el-Hachem) and Novi (read Sidi Hérillas); now, I took exact information on the healthiness of these three points, and it results from it that Marengo (which is pronounced Oued-el-Merhed) is a splendid country but also a very unhealthy one; I visited the three villages or at least the site of each one of them, and I decided for Zurich []. The situation is delightful, close to two rivers, which is precious, the land is excellent and almost all cleared, which is no small advantage []. You know that the Illustration has commissioned me to do a work related to my trip as a colonist [], staying in Cherchel, it will be an opportunity for me to do some good paintings of morals [] ". [His diary, accompanied by drawings for the Illustration, will be published in 1851 under the title Les Colons de Zurich, province d'Alger].