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Automobile/Segrave/REcord/Fernel. Rare original...

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Automobile/Segrave/REcord/Fernel. Rare original press drawing in India ink by the great Fernand Fernel (1865-1933 in Dinard) to put into perspective the exploit of Major Sir Henry Segrave (1896-1930) with his Golden Arrow. Winner of the 1923 French GP, and several other GPs, the Englishman set out to be the fastest man in the world. In order to be the first to reach 300 km/h, he built fabulous machines on land, on water or in the air. This work of the master Fernel evokes one of his exploits at the end of the 1920s: "the Golden Arrow, Segrave's racing car crossing Kentucky" without worrying too much a wise fisherman, "Shhh, it bites"...32,5x42. One of the Major's cars testifies to this golden age at the Beaulieu Museum.