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Charles - Guillaume DIEHL (1811-1885)...

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Charles - Guillaume DIEHL (1811-1885) and attributed to Emmanuel FREMIET (1824-1910) Cabinet forming a cigar cellar in oak opening to a door revealing thirty-two flat drawers in two stacks surrounding four drawers, surmounting a drawer in the belt. Feet in sheaths joined by an X-shaped brace. Rich ornamentation of gilded bronzes, the door decorated with a medallion with a child holding two horses. (With key, lock to be restored, some stains on the top). Around 1870, apparently unsigned. Height : 138 cm Width : 49,5 cm Depth : 40,5 cm Comparative bibliography: Christopher Payne "Paris furnitures" Monelle Hayot, St Rémy sur l'eau, 2018, page 324 for an almost identical base on a Diehl cigar cabinet, which produced a large number of them with variations. Pierre Bergé, Paris, December 6, 2012, no. 65 Koller, Zurich, June 27, 2014, no. 1155 Hampel, Munich, 25 March 2021, no. 110 Charles-Guillaume Diehl specialized in boxes and small pieces of furniture, especially those for cigar lovers. He made luxurious cigar cabinets, one of which is kept in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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