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G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore. Set of 3 photographic...

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G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore. Set of 3 photographic prints on albumen paper, caption of the prints in the negative "Central Police St & Police Court 69", "Johnston's Pier 266", "Cocoanut plantation 130", dry stamp in the lower right corner of the prints "G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore", circa 1880, average size 20.5 x 26.5 cm. G.R. Lambert was the first photographer to have a permanent photographic studio in Singapore in 1880. He realized a very important collection of photographs on the whole region, from the Malayan peninsula, to Borneo or Sumatra. A photographic print on albumen paper taken probably in Singapore or in Indonesia is attached, representing the repair of a road in front of a professional photographer's store. Surprisingly, on the negative of the print, the name of the photographer has been masked in white and prevents us from knowing his name, circa 1880, dimensions 20,7 x 26,5.

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