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RENOIR AUGUSTE (1841-1919).

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L.A.S. "Renoir," [Grasse March 7, 1900], to Paul BÉRARD; 1 1/2 pages in-8, envelope (small cracks at folds). On his portrait of Paul Bérard, and his stay in Algeria. He begs him not to frame it; he will not dare write to him again. "Then you will end up spoiling me, which is already very advanced, and I will be obliged to give the year of my birth so that we have time to order the Arcs of Triumph. I put Triumph it is more ronflant, and that would annoy Victor (Hugo) ". He recommends to have the pastel done by Mary CASSATT: "I would not be angry to have a neighbor, and it will please Landelle, whom I met in Algiers. [...] Decidedly I have fallen on the wrong season. A season blessed by the Algerians, but not by me. Finally it is so good for the earth. Besides the painting, it is delicious to receive a shower. The sun comes right away to warm you up. And for walking it avoids the dust which is rich in this beautiful country. I don't know if I will be able to finish what I have started. I have undertaken many things. And inevitably I will leave some of them unfinished. Finally perhaps I will be able to bring back something a landscape or two. The women until now are unapproachable I do not understand their gibberish and they are very cowardly. I am scared to death to start something again and not finish it. It's unfortunate that there are some pretty ones, but these ones don't want to pose. When I finish something that's worthwhile, I'll let you know. Until then, I don't know what I can bring back"...

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