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21 L.A.S. "Georges" or "Mathieu", 1987-1992, to Miss Emmanuelle ORIHUEL; about 60 pages of various sizes, mostly in-4, including 7 cards, most of them with his motto Moult de parte and his vignette, envelopes. Beautiful loving and friendly correspondence. "I beg you to forgive me for appearing so inquisitive. There are times when the rules of good education break down. This was one of them. You have provoked such an emotion in me that I was anxious to express it to you. There is in you an ineffable grace, such as we find in some rare masterpieces (The Angel of Reims, the Sybil of Brou, some works of Pradier or Clodion) that it provokes in me a real shock. To suddenly perceive the life of the soul through a face is for an artist a kind of "parousia". The presence of spirituality in our world is becoming so rare that it was a real privilege to discover you and to experience this strange phenomenon of fascination. I painted a fantastic picture on my way home. I owe it to you. Thank you and see you soon...maybe"... - "I told you, you embody for me one of the two highest aesthetic emotions of my life, and such an emotion has of course an emotional value. As strong as it may seem to you, it made me all sad... I would like so much to contribute to your young glory and happiness"... - Have you thanked the Gods enough? The peritonitis could have been fatal ! What would I have kept of you. The memory of a face of infinite transcendental beauty. A small black dress betraying admirably an admirable body. A black belt passing through two golden rings. Two beautiful hands and your name written twice in pencil... How can I admire and love you as I admire and love you. It is crazy! Your very existence makes me happy. - In this sunny morning of Italy after all the worldly events of my exhibition in Caserta, my first thought is for you... In a little while I will go to visit the famous gardens of the Royal Palace. How I would like to walk there with you. Allow me to kiss you as is the custom in Italy, where the President of the Republic himself kisses the artists... on the forehead"... - "I have just returned to Paris very tired from these two exhausting days. I had not gone, like Lamartine, to seek glory to be loved and although the reception was enthusiastic: banners and tapestries in the windows (I will send you photos)... There were there [gardens of Caserta] extraordinary baroque sculptures and a castle imitating Versailles with an "unheard of" spirit of excess. My thought however did not leave you. You have rarer virtues that you do not suspect, which are the opposite of exuberance" .... - During our last conversation, you both destroyed and comforted me. I was knocked out and unconscious at the time. I did not expect this revelation, which was however in the realm of the possible and even the obvious. How could it be that nobody had noticed you until then? Nevertheless, it was a real shock. I had not imagined it. And then you consoled me a little. You told me things that you had never told me before. Which meant that I had not fallen, as in Madame de Scudéry's Carte du Tendre, into the Lake of Indifference. Ah, how sweet it is to be able to hope that all was not lost, and that I could still make progress in your heart. Emmanuelle you can't imagine what you mean to me. You are Grace but you are more than Grace, you are the Dream"... Mathieu sometimes accompanies his signature with a piece of red felt stuck on.

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