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Eight satyric engravings, most...

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Eight satyric engravings, most of them watercolored and framed: - The man with six heads - Dedicated to MMrs les chevaliers de la girouette, April 15, 1815. Talleyrand represented with different heads saying: "Vive les notables", "Vive la Liberté", "Vive le Premier Consul", "Vive l'empereur", "Vive le Roi"... 33 x 23 cm. - The political balance (May 15, 1815); 29,5 x 42 cm. - The affectionate farewell or kick for kick (April 17, 1814), Talleyrand chasing Bonaparte; 25 x 38 cm. - The Congress of Vienna; 21 x 30 cm. - The Cake of Kings, drawn at the Congress of Vienna in 1815; 24,5 x 35,5 cm. - The wedding of Josephine; 13 x 19 cm. - This Child Will Never Walk Alone, Talleyrand holding a small figure, marked on the reins "Treaties of 1815, Holy Alliance," La Caricature, newspaper no. 147, plate 308; 28 x 21 cm. - The model of recognition at the Congress of Vienna, Talleyrand is shown at his desk, a devil behind him, blowing in his ear; 13 x 18.5 cm. Restoration period. Good condition.

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