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FÉLIBIEN, Jean-François

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Description de l'Eglise royale des Invalides P., Imp. de Jacques Quillau, 1706. In-folio, full morocco with the royal coat of arms, richly decorated spine with the number "L" interlaced and crowned in the center of the caissons. Gilt edges. Frontispiece, title, 177 pp. approval & privilege. Some rare stains. Copy with the arms of Louis XIV. First edition of this work on Saint-Louis des Invalides published the year of its inauguration by Louis XIV who had commissioned Bruant and Hardouin-Mansart to build it. View of the Invalides on the frontispiece, large fleuron on the title, vignettes, culs-de-lampe and historiated lettrines, all engraved in intaglio.

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