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JOUVE (Pierre Jean ). Set of 7...

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JOUVE (Pierre Jean ). Set of 7 works, paperback, various formats: - Mélodrame. Mercure de France, 1957. One of 40 copies on vellum of Rives. - Histoires sanglantes. N.R.F., 1932. First edition. One of 100 copies on Lafuma Navarre laid paper, numbered LXXXVI. - Tragiques, followed by Voyage sentimental. Stock, 1922. Yellowed paper, damaged binding. - Les Bois des pauvres. Published by the Librairie de l'université de Fribourg, 1943. First edition. One of 43 copies on Montval laid paper. Some foxing. - Genie. G.L.M, 1948. In sheets. First edition. One of 25 copies on vellum of the Marais, this one marked U signed by the editor and reserved for the friends of GLM. Some foxing. - Proses. Mercure de France, 1960. Envoi a.s. to Henry Bouillier. - La Louange. Geneva, Egloff, 1945. First edition. One of 60 copies on Montval paper. Stamp Henry Bouillier on the volumes.

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