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Amateur Album Aristocracy and...

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Amateur Album Aristocracy and French High Bourgeoisie In the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Noailles, of whom the Duke is Mayor and great owner of the city of Maintenon, the Baron de Nexon, horse breeder, vineyard owner, car racer, president of the Chanel Company, The Count and Countess de Rougemont, the wife of Count Roland Le Gras du Luart, a large landowner and forester The beautiful young demi-mondaine known as the "Lady of Biarritz" Charlotte Bartley, The Count of Fels Diplomat, writer and French historian Count Paul de Pourtalès, cavalry captain As well as Baron de Bastard, Baron de Berckeim, Count de Boisgelin, Duke de Ligne, Count de Gallifet, Count de Garray, Count de Montbrun, Miss Colette Dorigny ... Leisure and social life : France Cannes; on board of the Yacht "Salvator Picnic under the pines View of Menton and Monte-Carlo Bagnères de Bigorre; visit of the stud farm, photographs of the stallion, the mares and their foals Social appointments at the castle of Luart, for the Automobile races, lunch at the Circuit de la Sarthe (First automobile circuit 1906), Horse races in Limoges and Deauville Hunting party at the castle of La Mothe Chandeniers (which caught fire in 1934, since then is in ruins) A day of relaxation in the gardens of Maintenon and in Neuilly where we can see the young Charlotte Bartley using a stereoscope Brittany, Dinard, discovery of the Island of Chausey Departure from Le Havre on board the Sagitta II", view of the different sea boats: Sardinier, tuna boat... Trip to Switzerland in Bern, Lausanne ... 1905-1909 About 95 silver prints of the time, handwritten legends on album pages 9 x 9 cm

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