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CURIOSA LOUYS Pierre (1870-1925) Autograph erotic...

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CURIOSA LOUYS Pierre (1870-1925) Autograph erotic poem, (n.l.d.). ½ p. in-4, written in purple ink. Traces of mounting on the back of the document (5 slight traces). Beautiful erotic poem composed of 10 alexandrines, with the notation "Imité de Chénier" and "96" (pagination or vintage). We note a repentance in the third alexandrine. "Always this memory moves me and touches me, When Néère, applying her vulva on my mouth, Laughing, and leaning on me very gently, Calling me her rival and almost her lover [] Thus teaching them, though still weak To charm in turn the holes that a soft hair gilds. That Eros devours ". André Chénier (1762-1794) composed the poem Néère from his collection Poésie Antique. Néère, funeral epigram, in which Chénier makes speak under the shape of a swan, a dying being for a last farewell to his lover.