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LOTI, Pierre A pilgrim of Angkor Illustrations...

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LOTI, Pierre A pilgrim of Angkor Illustrations by Paul Jouve engraved on wood by F.L. Schmied, enriched with two dedications and an original gouache with water buffalo by Paul Jouve. Paris, chez Paul Jouve, 70 bis rue Notre Dame des Champs. At F.L. Schmied, 74 rue Hallé. 1930. In-4, full mosaic havana morocco, signed Gruel, covers preserved. Remarkable decoration on the boards composed of triple golden nets intersecting, in the center of which is inscribed a large mosaic pattern of red morocco, with Indian decoration, enriched with golden irons in arabesques. Spine decorated, with mosaic pattern of red morocco. Guards of moire. Case lined with a border of marooned calf, half-calf marooned fawn shirt (Stains on the back of the shirt). The work is decorated with 63 compositions by Paul Jouve (12 hors-texte, including 2 on double page; 13 bands, 13 lettrines, 13 ornaments and 11 culs-de-lampe) all engraved on wood by F.L. Schmied. Only 225 copies were printed, all on Lana vellum, numbered from 1 to 200 (copies from 1 to 30 have a double suite) and from I to XXV. This copy, n°174, signed by Jouve, is enriched with a full page gouache drawing by Jouve, signed in red ink, with a dedication by Jouve on the back "cordially to my friend Monsieur Noir"; a letter on the letterhead of Léon Gruel's workshop specifying that "Monsieur Jouve who came yesterday admired the binding very much". (Monod : Manuel de l'amateur de livres illustrés modernes, n°7343) Provenance : Collection of Mr. N., godson of Paul Jouve. Expert : Mr Jean-Paul Veyssiere.

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