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KOROSTO katsina Kachina runner...

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KOROSTO katsina
Kachina runner (Colton 173) type of the third mesa.
Cottonwood (Populus Deltoides, also known as American poplar), pigments, cord, feather.
North America, USA, Arizona, Zuni.
Wear, restorations, old insect attacks, base reported.
Around 1940/60
H : 35 cm
Provenance and geographical origin according to the owner : Acquired in France in the 1970s/80s.

Comparative elements in public collections:
- Museum Für Völkerkunde, Berlin, for a close model, from the first mesa (Ota).
Comparative elements in public sales:
- Tessier & Sarrou, Paris, December 12, 2003, n°24, for a piece close to the type of the first mesa.
- Eve, Paris, June 17, 2021, n°19
Korosto wears a mask topped with a feathered headdress, with a white face circled with red and yellow, hooked eyes, a triple beak protruding from the face and large red ears. The shoulders, painted with black feathers, are enhanced by a collar painted in red. The ceremonial dress is white, the bottom decorated with motifs symbolizing clouds and flowers. The articulated arms are in two parts and the legs are separated.
Korosto (or koroasta), is a kachina runner from the Keresan pueblo. It has several names and variants, depending on whether it is on the first or third mesa. Ota or Kwasa-Itaqa (the man with the skirt) on the first mesa where he wears only a beak, Akorosta, Korosto or koroasta on the third mesa.

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