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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy...

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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy 466-406
Head of the nymph Arethusa on the left, hair in an ampyx held by a star sphendoné. She is adorned with triple earrings and a necklace. At the edge four dolphins, one of them emmerging behind the neck. Below, trace of signature ΠΑΡΜΕ. Caption, ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ. R/. Quadriga of horses led by charioteer, crowned by Victory, holding reindeer and kentron and apprehending to turn. In exergue, ear of wheat.
♦ Rizzo 47.17; cf. BMC 213; Jameson 836; SNG ANS 287; SNG Lockett 976
Silver tetradrachm of the Parmenides type circa 415-405. (17.24 g)
Very rare. Charming coin. Trace of corrosion on the reverse.
Very nice/T.B.

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