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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy...

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SICILY - SYRACUSE 2nd democracy 466-405
Head of the nymph Arethusa on the left, her hair up and held by a cord. She is adorned with a necklace decorated with a lion's head. Around the rim, four dolphins and the legend ΣYPAKOΣIΩN. Below, ΦPYΓIΛΛ/OΣ (artist's signature). R/. Winged Eros driving a quadriga and crowned by a Victory. In exergue, Scylla swimming right and holding a trident which he points at a fish. Behind him, a dolphin swimming to the right. EYΘ (signature) below the baseline.
♦ HGC 2, 1334; Jameson 801; Kraay & Hirmer 107; Rizzo pl. 43, 12; SNG ANS 274
Silver tetradrachm signed by the engravers Euthedemos and Phrygillos circa 410. (16.97 g)
Rare coinage with both signatures. Medallion patina. Shear cut on the reverse.
Complete subjects on the obverse and reverse. Very nice/T.B.
Copy Sale Cahn 27 February 1933 n° 104

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