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Angel lamp-holder
Carved and polychrome wood
91 x 99 x 50 cm
In the middle of the 18th century, one of the main image makers of the Sevillian school was Pedro Duque Cornejo, who maintained a style that fused the most traditional tendencies of Andalusian Baroque carving with touches increasingly closer to the Rococo spirit that slowly permeated all the arts during the reign of Philip V and his son Ferdinand VI. His images, and this is a good example, are characterized by the light movement of the drapery, dynamic and sophisticated execution and meticulous work. _x000D_
In this sculpture of round bulk we find great similarity with the two lampadary angels dated approximately around 1740 that are in the High Altar of the Church of San Luis de los Franceses, within the Monumental Complex of the same name, which were restored in 2017 by the Provincial Council of Seville, through its Area of Culture and Citizenship. There are important similarities between both works both in the technical and artistic quality as well as in the physiognomy of the faces and dynamism of the figures. _x000D_
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