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This mini-saddle is an exact ½ scale replica of the French style saddle of the chief rider of the Cadre Noir.

It was made by Michel Charrier, Master Saddler at the National Stud, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and trainer at the IFCE.

- The nubuck-finish bull calf leather comes from the Carriat Tannery created in 1927.

- The tree is made of wood and was manufactured at the Arçonnerie Française, a company founded in 1856.

- The buckle is entirely made of 18 carat gold plating and designed by Poursin, a manufacturer since 1830.

There are 5 copies of this saddle, this piece is numbered 1/5

A certificate of authenticity will be given to the buyer

The time spent on its design is as important as a full size saddle, about 110 hours of work.

The French style saddle

It is dedicated to the recovery of the squires. With its golden stirrups, it is protected by a leather jacket during training. Historically, all saddles were dyed amaranth red: but this is now a privilege reserved for the head squire. The saddle is placed on a square amaranth-colored velvet rug with a large gold braid around it. The chief squire's carpet is made up of two braids where the others wear only one.

The saddler

Trained as a carpenter and cabinetmaker, Michel Charrier joined the National Stud in La Roche sur Yon as a saddler in 1984. Uninitiated to this know-how, he will be accompanied for five years by Brice Arnoux who will teach him everything about the job. Ten years later, Michel decided to enter the competition for one of the best workers in France. He chose the "saddle" category, even though his favorite product was the harness. He obtained the title of MOF in 1994. Very attached to the National Studs heritage and to the history of saddlery, he passionately shares his knowledge and know-how within the IFCE.

The National Studs

The National Stud brand is identified through a history written under the authority and with the financing of the State since its creation in 1665. It is identified through built or transformed places, a tangible and intangible heritage, knowledge and exceptional know-how. Carrier of exceptional know-how in saddlery and harnessing tradition, it anchors the institute in the history of the horse in the service of the French society.

The Cadre Noir

The brand Cadre noir symbolizes strong values in the field of horsemanship and in the collective imagination of French society. By relying on the successive equestrian doctrines of which it is the heir and which it knew how to make evolve, the Cadre noir became with the wire of the centuries the reference of the French equitation which it teaches and transmits. It illustrates and shares knowledge and know-how through public presentations and galas. It is the ambassador of a heritage of humanistic and societal values, recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the French traditional equitation. The riders who make up the Cadre Noir form a close-knit, motivated and educated team, led by the Chief Squire, a unique figure in the French equestrian art, a symbol of finesse, elegance and sobriety.

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