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Autograph letter signed by both to Firmin Maillard. 3 pages in-8 with envelope (tear and stains without missing text).
Poulet-Malassis the editor of Baudelaire receives a summons from Mr. Leouzou asking him to remove an article that he considers derogatory. At the end of the letter signed by Poulet-Malassis (1 page), he indicates "That is not all, turn the page for the anger of Baudelaire".
Baudelaire (2 pages) : "I would be a very unlearned man if I did not accept without pleasure all that you say flattering on my account" ... "I am not as repulsive as the Figaro tried to persuade him. As for the anecdote of the nuts and the child's brains that I have already read somewhere, it is a jovial invention of my friend Foray, painter and pupil of Delacroix" "I was once shown a Mr. Baudelaire who was very disagreeable and this confusion had nothing to rejoice about for my vanity" ...

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