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CUVILLIER-FLEURY Alfred-Auguste...

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Autograph NOTES AND MANUSCRITS, 3 of which are signed; about 118 pages in various sizes on loose sheets and 300 pages in 6 notebooks or notebooks in 4 or in 8, moleskin covers (plus a few pages in another hand).
Important file including numerous reading notes, moral, political and economic reflections, drafts, published and unpublished articles, etc., including a notebook of French composition and Latin version, 1819-1820, written the year he won the honorary prize for rhetoric at the general competition of the Lycée Louis-le-Grand (the cover pages bear his signature and the names of fellow students). Elsewhere, there are literary columns on Hector MALOT, NADAR, Louis ULBACH, etc.; articles on a work by Father HYACINTHE, on the constitution of 1875; the account of a visit to NAPOLÉON III with his nephews and wards Thouvenel; a communication from the Académie Française writing to Jules FAVRE in October 1870 during the Siege of Paris; extracts from his Diary; and a few biographical notes. One will also note at the end of one of the notebooks, the draft of a posthumous letter to the duke of Aumale. 2 letters of Émile BOUTROUX from the Thiers Foundation (1906-1908) are attached.

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