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CORNEILLE Thomas (1625-1709) auteur...

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P.A.S. "Corneille", [April 14, 1701]; 1 oblong page in-8 (window mount); engraved portrait by Thomassin enclosed.
Very rare report of a session of the Académie française.
[A slightly different version, written by Régnier-Desmarais, is published in Les Registres de l'Académie française (1895, t. I, p. 385)].
"This day, although they had assembled to elect an Academician in place of Mr. Bishop of Noyon [François de CLERMONT-TONNERRE (1629-1701), who died on February 15], the Company, for particular considerations, postponed this election until Thursday, the 28th of this month, in order to make at the same time that of another Academician who is to fill the place vacated by the death of Mr. de SEGRAIS [March 24]. After that we worked on the remarks of Mr de VAUGELAS ".
On the back, an autograph line signed by the abbot Jean GALLOYS.

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