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CHARPENTIER François (1620-1702)...

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L.A.S. "Charpentier", July 17 [1683], to a colleague [Pierre-Daniel HUET ?]; 5 pages in-4.
About his book De l'excellence de la langue françoise.
As he feared, the countryside and the solitude gave chagrined thoughts to his correspondent who comes back on their disagreement: " The diversity of our opinions concerning the passage of Moyse is older than the second edition of the book or you are designed ". Charpentier had consulted him, and "you let me know at that time that you did not find bad all that I said, because I would have been careful not to print it if you had testified to me that you had been dissatisfied. [...] What I said is supported by the authority of Aristotle and Dionysius of Halicarnassus. "Give you well of guard to believe Sir that I wanted to prefer the French language to the Latin. And I have said so many times that if you believed it otherwise you did not read me with all the attention you say. [] you have eyes to see many things that others will not see. There are not ten men in France capable of judging my work, and you are one of these ten, whom I like better than a million others: do not therefore reduce this exquisite tribunal to nine. Keep your rank as you should by your merit and by the friendship you promised me" In a postscript, he mentions the death of Eudes de MEZERAY.
Very rare (according to Raoul Bonnet, there would be only about ten known letters of Charpentier).

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