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L.A., [ca. 1795 ?, to Éléonore de SABRAN]; 4 pages in-4 (portrait enclosed).
Long and beautiful letter of emigration to the one who will become his wife.
His departure was delayed by GRIMM, who caused him the greatest grief by informing him that she had resolved to take her son to Coblentz. He exhorts her to listen to the advice of "our excellent Prince [] because by attaching your son to a chargé d'affaire will they pay him and will they put him in a position to make the figure that suits I do not say to his name but to the least French gentleman" He recognizes the hand that traces this bad road to him, but "what can the cries of an unhappy man on a spirit dazzled by brilliant chimeras Appollon had more spirit than me and he did not retain Phaeton" Without the weight of the dangers of his friend on the heart, he would find himself unhappy to leave: "I will not find anything in France that will damage me from the care of the friendship with which the duke and the duchess do not cease to fill me. One is an aristocrat, the other is a democrat. That does not prevent them from agreeing with each other I am less of an aristocrat than the one and less of a democrat than the other and that does not prevent them from agreeing with me I enjoy at least the fact that without betraying my thought without disturbing the line of moderation that I have drawn for myself [] whatever mediocre fortune is destined for us, whatever modest, whatever humble, whatever delabourous it may be the fate in which the marriage awaits us happiness peace love will be with him " He fears that one requires from her " an absolute renunciation to the society of a man who abjures all fury who supports his evils without wanting to join to them those of the universe who trembles for his king and for his country and who in all the divinities of heaven and earth adores only the reason justice and peace ".
Enclosed: an autograph draft of a poem: "Tranquille nimphe deserts" (1 p. in-8, 27 verses). - 2 L.A.S.: 3 frimaire [X] (24 November 1801), to Jean-François LE SUEUR, about his brochure [Letter in reply to Guillard, about the opera La Mort d'Adam]; 5 January 1813, to Monseigneur, asking for a place as a life advisor at the University. Plus a P.S., 1778.

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