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BARDIN Pierre (1590-1635) moraliste,...

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L.A.S. "Bardin", Azay le Ferron in Touraine, September 12, 1634, [to the bookseller Jean CAMUSAT?]; 2 pages in-fol.
Extremely rare letter about his main work Le Lycée.
It was Jean Camusat who published Le Lycée du Sieur Bardin, where in several walks it is treated of the connoissances, actions, & pleasures of an honest man (2 vols., 1632-1634).
Although he attributed to the friendship of the late M. de SAINT-SURIN, that his correspondent had accepted "with a good heart the first part of my Lycee", he was not afraid to send him the second part: "A good part of what I am writing of this book is due to you; because to have assured me by the letters of which you honored me that you found enough clearness where it spoke about sciences, I felt obliged to want to preserve there subjects more frequent than I had done before. I have believed by your feeling that this would not displease the learned: besides, I am convinced that whoever will have acquired the knowledge that in my first part I judged necessary for an honest man will not lack as much light as he needs to see clearly in the most obscure places of these second Promenades. Be that as it may, not having been accustomed to number but only to weigh the judgments, I do not put myself in the care of the opinion that the greatest part will have; and I will feel satisfied beyond my pretensions if you approve this work, or at least if the offer that I make to you can pass in your mind for a proof of the extreme passion that I have to be believed by you [] Your most humble & most obedient servant ".
Only known letter, quoted by Raoul Bonnet who could not reproduce the signature (sold by Eugène Charavay on April 14, 1886).

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