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2 fragments of autograph letters, Paris this November 2 [1668] and (s.l.n.d. [circa 1668]). 6 pp. in-4 and pt in-4. Two bi-fold Two very interesting fragments addressed to a very close friend [Madame de La Fayette?], evoking very precisely the life at court, and the parties they both attended. The first fragment evokes a party which could be that of July 18, 1668 (Letter of the Abbé de Montigny to the Marquis de Fuente, about the party in question). "of Madame de Perigny who has a hat covered with feathers, the representation of the poor woman in this state made us laugh so much that we thought we would die and that everyone held their hands to finish painting her, we say that she is remarried and that (p...) for constant because it is the king who says it I advise you that one is very unhappy to be the entertainment of the public because I am assured that in the bottom all that one turns into ridicule is nothing less than that I had not mandated to you the differand of Mrs. de richelieu and Mrs. de bethune because I had forgotten it but you would not know that of (bruante?) and Mr. de balar you are wrong not to have wanted to lead chavigny in your caroce it seems to me that he is a man without consequence I will not fail to send you to your campaign all that I know I am less sorry since I know that you will have M de Charleval [Charles Faucon de Ris] there because one would be too happy to have him in the middle of the court make my compliments to him I beg you and believe me to you with all my heart do not quote me on the news that I am sending you. " The second fragment was written some time before the marriage of his daughter with François Adhémar de Monteil de Grignan, lieutenant-general of Provence. The marriage was celebrated on January 29, 1668 (unpublished letter). "From Paris this 2nd November I have not been as regular this week as the others in giving you news but the state in which I have been has prevented me from doing so and I am still so ill that without the pity I have for you which gives me strength to write to you I could not give any sign of life but when one loves something one does not find anything difficult to give you an account of my health before telling you anything else I would say that I have had for ten days a cold on my chest that does not let me rest I spend nights coughing continuously and another person would have bled already two or three times it started with a movement that lasted me seven hours and that was so violent that it ended with blood all clear without fever during all the time after and I stay here to try to recover by resting I have had anotheromy since and it is only since two days that I take water of absinthe in the morning, that my stomach is a little better I would need a lot in a time like this where I don't see anyone like you and I hope that I won't be long without seeing you because if my daughter's wedding takes place at the beginning of the next month you promised me to come back and I can't do anything about it. and I cannot do anything without giving you a serious account of it and it would be cruel to abandon me at a time when I would be overwhelmed. Madame darmagnac was really angry about it and I don't believe that she easily forgives him for all the friends who have been condemned and for myself I didn't hide from him that it was ridiculous but you know him and as it is difficult to make him listen to reason when he has broken something in his Teste the affair of the little one in Milton is weak mr de Louvois having made the king see the copy of his patent I believe that he will have no more difficulty from now on in truth it is a pretty woman and who gains a lot from being known. I have not seen the mareschale de crequi her grandson havingson having continuous fever the remedy of langlois not having relieved him nor the mareschal of Belfont who is rather badly Mr. Levesque of Verdun died at forty years of age he leaves a large eveschy and a vacant abbey Mrs. Delbeuf leaves on Tuesday to go to find the prior of cabriere I have great difficulty to believe that the qinine relieves because she has a canser in the matrix and I was told that it had already spread to the outside and that there were already small ulcers that appeared Her son had a quarrel yesterday with the knight of holy mare but they were accomoda at the moment Madame de (Nantada ?) is finally finished she puts herself in a convent near St Victor where is Madame de flavacour she will not be able to come down or go out except to go with six ladies who are named ".

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