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DEGAS EDGAR (1834-1917).

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2 documents. Autograph letter-card signed to the sculptor Paul-Albert Bartholomé (in pencil), Buffet de Lyon, "Monday" [6 September 1892]. 1 p. gd in-12. Address and postmarks on the back and autograph letter signed (incomplete, the end is missing) to the sculptor Paul-Albert Bartholomé, Cauterets, 24 August 89. 4 pp. in-8. 3 telegrams from Degas are enclosed. (September 6) Amusing letter in view of his eye problems "... I can tell you that it would be necessary to try not to deprive me any more of your society and of your eyes. You must think that I travel blindly. I missed by the Cevennes. From Clermont. I am here"; on August 24, Degas relates his difficulties to leave on a trip and evokes his health "Not so fast as that the weather in Cauterets works, my dear friend. On the 10th I left. On the 11th, Sunday, I intended to seize Lafond at noon ½ with his bag at the station of Pau and take him away. (...) " but Degas will stay at Lafond's and will meet Evariste Michel on this occasion " And so only the next day, the 13th, I started. If you count on your fingers, as I do night and morning, instinctively, you will see that I still have 9 days to go (...) You ask me, in the meantime, how I am. I am fine, except for headaches that come either from the altitude, or that I need the waters less than last year and that the waters are less easily absorbed, or that I eat and sleep too much. (...)", he evokes Mrs. Howland who says "nonsense", makes fun of people who think they are superior "People of taste are about the people who show it with the most obscurity. Their gestures would often suffice but they want to talk" and announces the arrival of the Chevalier de Haas.

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