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CHARRETON Victor Léon Jean Pierre (1864-1936)...

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Set of 7 autograph letters signed to the painter Ernest Quost and to his wife. La Sauvetat, Saint-Amand-Tallende, Paris, Bandol sur mer, dated from May 28, 1914 to November 23, 1929 and (s.d.). 12 ½ pp., in-12, in-8. Interesting correspondence in which great history intersects with art history. On May 28, 1914, thanks "I am touched, my dear Mr. Quost, of your so kind congratulations and of those of the beautiful artist which join them (...)"; on July 2, 1914, a few days before the outbreak of the First World War, a moving letter, he writes to her "Let me say a word of good wishes in spite of the turmoil of the events which preoccupies all the spirits, it is not so much because one sees disappearing so many dear people that one feels the need to think of those who remain (...) my wife lost a brother aged (49) voluntary enlisted and father of family, her wishes are thus not less ardent than mine (...)"; on June 10, 1918, he thanks him for sending an article; on February 24, 1928, Victor Charreton is in Bandol, he would be delighted if Ernest Quost and his wife would join them and draw up an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of the region "And first the disadvantages : In Bandol it is quite often windy, since our arrival, we have had for eight days this demon of Mistral who tears off from the almond trees a snow of flowers, it is only pretty seen from behind the window, and the canvas would follow the flight if we wanted to work outside. In spite of these storms the sun shines and colors the landscape advantageously, which is pleasant, not comparing, the mountains of pinewoods, the lively cities and the sea close enough to the possible places of stay - we occupy a small new house rather coquettish (...) next to it in 20 minutes another twin villa is to rent (...) not far from the city, from the markets, and from the small very pleasant port (...)" he continues "Bandol is a very nice place to stay.)" he continues "Bandol is about 20 kilometers from Toulon before you get there, buses and trains take you there several times a day, but I confess that I don't enjoy this neighborhood very much - I'm content to hover around the almond trees like a hard-working bee that doesn't want to take for its life, but always bears more wax than honey....(...)" he continues his letter with thanks, the plan of his villa below his signature; on June 10, 1929, thanks him "(...) for having taken the trouble to go and see these few paintings! (...) I am very proud of your gesture and your benevolence, you know that I highly esteem the man and the artist that you are (...)"; on November 23, 1929 he rejoices "to see you as soon as I arrive in Paris and also to read these pages that I was waiting for with the impatience that gives me what I already know. I am certain that they will enlighten, reassure and guide many minds today hesitant or worried, that is to say you, my dear great artist and also that I am proud that you give me the privilege (...)"; (n.d.) Beautiful letter on his winter in Auvergne and on his painting " (....) Isolated from Paris, from friends and their works, I do not want to be considered as forgetful and since I cannot visit you, I beg you to find here for you and Miss Quost my wishes (...) we have hastened our departure and our winters are spent in the mountains. I took advantage of this to study the snow (...) sheltered in the shepherds' huts at the bottom of the gorges, (...) to capture its fleeting and shimmering coldness. But the result was disappointing. Victor Hugo did well to write that "on certain Belveders of the Auvergne as in the Alps it is necessary to look, but it is not necessary to paint any more" finally some effects of sun on the snowdrifts posed more and allowed us to bring back memories of our tartarinade. I look forward to seeing you again to get your review (...)".

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