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11 POSTCARDS RURAL LIFE AND WORK: Various. "Country scenes (without caption, work in the field), 12-A la Campagne ! -Return of the Grass Pickers, 655-Country Scenes of Central France-Grass Pickers (caption partly hidden by stamp), Life in the Fields-Grass Burners, 571-Central Scene-Sheep in the Park, 606-Banks of the Cher-Cows in the Pasture (small crease upper right corner), 610-The banks of the Cher-Pasture (cows), 614-The banks of the Cher-Cows at the trough, 616-The banks of the Cher-A trough (cow), 648-Country scenes of the center of France-Sheep returning to the farm and Pont L'Evêque-Beneath the Apple Trees-Country girl from the Valley of.(legend partly hidden by the stamp)."

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