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DESMAISIERES / DESMAIZIERES / DES MAIZIERES family] Illustrious family from French Hainaut, established around Valenciennes at the end of the 13th century. Set of five miniatures, of the same provenance as the two previous lots, including : - French school of the middle of the XVIIIth century. Portrait of François MORIN d'ARFEUILLE (+1781). Miniature on paper, with silver bezel. 4,3 x 3,7 cm. François MORIN D'ARFEUILLE, knight, lord of Arfeuille, du Chaslard, etc., entered the King's Guards company of Noailles on May 12, 1729 and took part in all the battles and sieges, both in Germany and in Flanders, starting with Philipsbourg in 1734, until the peace of 1748. On June 24, 1747 the king made him a gentleman of his sleeve and on May 8, 1751, a knight of the royal and military order of St.-Louis. On September 1, 1751, he gave him a commission as captain of cavalry and on February 15, 1752 his retirement with pension. He was born in the castle of Arfeuille in Beaumont Felletin, diocese of Limoges, and died in Ypres, parish St.-Jacques, on January 19, 1781, aged 78, having married in the same city and parish, on October 5, 1750, Anne-Marie-Colette WALWEIN, born in Ghent and baptized in the church of St.-Michel on March 2, 1725, died in Ypres on March 3, 1781, and died in Ypres on March 3, 1781.She died in Ypres parish of St.-Jacques on December 29, 1783, daughter of Chrétien-Joseph, squire, boarding councillor of the city of Ghent, then in 1735 councillor at the council of Flanders, ex master Mergelynck, and of Marie-Colette Damman. - French school of the end of the XVIIIth century. Portrait of Marie-Françoise-Cécile-Agnès DESMAISIERES (1755 - 1802), Miniature on ivory, with silver bezel. 4,8 x 4 cm. Wife of François Albert Joseph DESMAISIERES, her cousin, she was the mother of Charles-François-Paulin and Rudicindo, and the mother-in-law of Olympe MORIN D'ARFEUILLE. Widow of her first husband, she then married another officer in the service of Spain Louis Norbert Eloi Duhot, brigadier general, Captain in the Walloon Guards. - French school of the end of the XVIIIth century. Portrait of Louis Norbert Eloi DUHOT DE LA CAULERIE (+1784). Miniature on ivory, with silver bezel. 4 x 3,5 cm. Second husband of Marie-Françoise-Cécile-Agnès DESMAISIERES (1755 - 1802), he was the father-in-law of Charles-François-Paulin and Rudicindo, and father-in-law by marriage of Olympe MORIN D'ARFEUILLE. Brigadier in the Spanish army, captain in the Walloon Guards, he was mentioned among the officers present at the expedition against Algiers, led by Count O'reilly, in 1775, and died in 1784. Bibliography : - Arthur Merghelynck, Recueil de généalogies inédites de Flandres, Bruges, 1877, pp. 365-367. - François Alexandre Aubert de la Chenaye Desbois, Dictionnaire de la noblesse, volume 14, Paris, 1770, p. 170-176.

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