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AUTOGRAPH. NAPOLEON. Fragment of a letter on laid paper bearing the untied signature "Napoleon" typical of the end of his reign, we also find that of Junot duc d'Abrantès (1771-1813) and of general count Walther (1761-1813). As the latter died in 1813, this document dates from that year at the latest. Framed in gilded wood, 70 X 100 mm. ABE JUNOT: a whimsical and controversial character, his inconstant character slowed down his career even if he remained a favorite of Napoleon. He was never elevated to the dignity of Marshal and died following a fit of madness in 1813. WALTHER: General 1793, Army of the North, Army of the Alps, Italy,...Grand Army, wounded at Austerlitz, Major-Colonel of the Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard, charged at Eylau, Germany 1809, commanded the cavalry of the Guard at Wagram, Russia 1812, commanded the Horse Grenadiers of the Guard in Saxony 1813...Died of natural causes at Kusel November 24, 1813. Provenance: former collection Baron Maurice de S.

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