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GOUNOD Charles (1818-1893)

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MUSICAL MANUSCRIPT autograph "Charles Gounod", "When in the early morn", Song, [1871]; title and 2 pages in-fol. of a bifeuillet.
Melody in English for voice and piano.
This "Song" [CG 473] is composed on a poem by Edward MAITLAND: "When in the early morn or falling night"...., probably in the autumn of 1871.
The poem evokes the prayers of the beloved.
In D flat major, in 4/4 time, with the indication Andante, this " song " has 52 bars. The manuscript is carefully cleaned up in brown ink on Lard-Esnault paper with 26 lines, with some corrections by scratching; Gounod also crossed out the lyrics at the end, and inscribed new lyrics above the notes. It was used for the edition at
Wood & Co; there was no French edition.
The title page of the manuscript bears this dedication: " Composed for and dedicated to George Bentham ".
The first autograph sketch, in pencil, with a few notes ironed in ink is attached (1 page in-fol.).
See Gérard Condé's sensitive commentary: "From the light pianistic introduction, in two voices, the convergence of the lines in sympathy offers a symbol of the love relationship. Then the vocal line, with its successive ascents and descents, seems to be inspired by the day that rises, the night that falls, the head that bows, the gaze that rises" (Charles Gounod, Fayard, 2009, p. 746-747).

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