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Georges CLAIRIN (Paris, 1843 - Clohars-Carnoët,...

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Georges CLAIRIN (Paris, 1843 - Clohars-Carnoët, 1919). Orientalist warrior. Graphite on paper (insolation). . 25,5 cm - Width : 17,5 cm After an initiatory passage in Spain and then in Italy in the company of François Flameng and Jean-Léon Gérôme, Georges Clairin became friends with the painter Marià Fortuny during a trip to Morocco. The picturesque oriental scenes became a source of inspiration for the painter, which would last throughout his life. Clairin is best known for the portraits of his friend Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous of which adorns the walls of the Petit Palais museum. Unveiled at the 1876 Salon, it caused a sensation. It shows the actress, divine, nonchalantly stretched out "on a rich pink satin divan", a greyhound lying at her feet.

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