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DAMOCLÈS (Né en 1966)

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Translucent orange plexiglass, mirror polished stainless steel A4 316
Carrara marble base and museum quality plexiglass bell
Signed and numbered 3/8
H. 36 cm, W. 28 cm, D. 12 cm
Wink to a contemporary artist Damocles, born in 1966
The name he has chosen expresses the independent character of our sculptor. If his artistic adventure explores the universe of robotics, it prefers the rules of statics to those of kinetics.
The curators of the exhibition "Artists and Robots", presented at the Grand Palais in 2018, seemed to warn us, brandishing their sword of Damocles by invoking successively the magic of robots set in motion by Tinguely (1925-1991), then their invisibility and the hypnotic power of their creations, and finally the danger of their incredible intelligence.
Here, with Damocles, the robot is reified. Put under a bell, Kentin and his two acolytes are quite harmless.

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