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Alexandre DUMAS Père : " Bouts rimés ", Librairie...

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Alexandre DUMAS Père : " Bouts rimés ", Librairie du Petit Journal, EO 1865, copy enriched with an autograph signed by Dumas : " Avec milles compliments Dumas ", 379 p, bound in half burgundy morocco (11 x 18 cm, fresh interior, a few tears on the spine) ; at the head of the book, Dumas explains the genesis of this publication: following a literary game with his colleague Méry, Dumas asked the readers of the "Petit Journal" to take part in the exercise of "Bouts rimés", which consists in composing a poem of 24 lines by imposing a word for the ending of each one (nail, mirabelle plum, pheasant, fig, pâté, grisette, fouina etc.The result was the reception of 220 poems, that Dumas decided to gather in a volume, sold by subscription 20 sous (one estimates the edition to approximately 500 copies), naturally the poem written jointly by Dumas and Méry is in first place - Was bound to the continuation " Antonine " of Alexandre Dumas Fils, Michel Lévy, 1856, 319 p (foxes)