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Fish farming discovery day at Mainsat in the Creuse Fishing...

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Fish farming discovery day at Mainsat in the Creuse Fishing and preparation of freshwater fish in the charm of the Combrailles limousines, followed by a lunch at the castle of Mainsat. The family will leave with fresh fish and some recipe tips. Fish and country experience: pond emptying, selection of freshwater fish and preparation of selected fish tasted at the castle of Mainsat (XIV-XVIth c.). This lot is offered by Gabriel and Nathalie de Kernier, parents of students in Franklin, to support the Foundation, with the wish to make discover the beauty of the region and to offer an experience which amazes by all the senses, including gustatory. The Château de Mainsat has been in the family for 800 years. Fish farming is a living tradition to discover. For a family (two parents and their children). Dates to be fixed: February 2022 or autumn 2022