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Set of geometric plans in ink and enhanced with watercolor and registers relating to the lands of Henri-Maurice de la Barre, seigneur de la Fin. 14 geometric plans on paper, some canvas; 4 handwritten registers.
France, Chevagnes and Thiel-sur-Acolin, 1762 to 1819.
The lands and ponds concerned in this set are located in the communes of Thiel and Chevagnes. The registers are partly related to the "stocking" of the ponds of the lord of the Barre and the equivalent for the sowing and breeding. We follow closely the management and surveying of the lands of the seigneury of La Fin during the quarter of a century before the Revolution, then again once the revolutionary period is over. The register devoted to poisoning provides a great deal of information on fish farming and commercial fishing practices in the 18th century in the Bourbonnais.
The site of the seigneury of La Fin owes its poetic name to the boundary (confines) of the ancient country of the Eduans and the Arvernes.
It was constituted by the regrouping of three primitive seigneuries, whose seats were installed on three feudal mounds: the mound of La Fin-Baron; the mound of La Fin-Fourchaud (see second register); the mound of La Fin-Rabotin was the most important one, and a family of knights settled there as early as the XIIIth century, to remain there until the beginning of the XVIth.
Set of 14 watercolor plans 1) [Geometric] plan of the Bouquessier tenement located in the parish of Chevagne, partly belonging to the seigneury of La Fin. Surveyed by the lord Girault de Mimorin in 1774. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Size: 760 x 660 mm. 2) Geometric plan of the Miseris estate located in the parish of Bion, surveyed by the undersigned in 1779 [signed] Bévin (?). Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Size: 530 x 690 mm. 3) New geometrical plan of the domain of the Motte formerly the forestry Tronçay parish of Chevagnes and of a part of the village of the aforementioned place raised in the course of October 1784 at the request of Messire Henry Maurice de la Barre, doctor of the House and Society of the Sorbonne, lord of the Madelaine, the Motte-Sury in Berry, the Fin in Bourbonnois and engagist of the aforementioned parishes of Chevagnes and of Thiel Sent to the said lord to serve him and to be worth what is right by the undersigned commissioner in seigneurial rights residing at the castle of Chapeaux on March 1, 1785. [Signed] Feignoux. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Size: 665 x 1020 mm. 4) Plan of the Park of Chevagnes and of the Domaine de la Motte in the parish of the said Chevagnes, geometrically surveyed by sieur Girault de Mimorin, in 1777. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas.
Dim. : 1180 x 1060 mm. 5) Geometric plan of the division of Bruyères, Lingendes and Boulatier, parish of Thiel, executed by lord Feignoux, land registrar in 1778. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, canvas covered. Dim. 530 x 730 mm. 6) Geometrical plan of three meadows situated in the meadow of Escolles, parish of Chevagne le Roy, acquired by Messire Henry Maurice de la Barre seigneur de la Fin from the Demoiselle widow of the seigneur de Guise because of his Domaine de Fimorin in 1782 and surveyed the same year by the undersigned, dispatched today July 5, 1783 [signed] Feignoux. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Dim. : 420 x 390 mm. 7) New particular plan of a portion of the park or forest of Chevagnes on the side of the Jaquets and Remonds and of the Viaut locaterie. Surveyed by Sieur Feignoux l'ainé, land registrar in 1784. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, canvas covered. Dim. : 970 x 990 mm. 8) Geometrical plan of the Domaine des Janiers, surveyed by lord Chansson in 1761 and of a part of the Domaine de Grenier surveyed by lord Girault de Mimorin commissioner in 1773. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Dim: 730 x 720 mm. 9) New plan of the Park and the Domaine de la Motte, surveyed by Sieur Girault de Mimorin commissaire à terrier in the year 1777, revised and increased by Sieur Feignoux also commissaire à terrier in 1784. Plan drawn in watercolour ink, on canvas. Size : 970 x 1610 mm. 10) Plan of the Bruyere du Gruettier [to Sieur Saintpourcaint Martel] surveyed by Sieur Besson in the year 1769. Domaine de Grenier. Plan drawn with watercolor ink, canvas, fixed to wooden supports to allow the unfolding. Size: 495 x 925 mm. 11) Geometrical plan of the community of Azelle located in the parishes of Thiel and Saint-Pourçain sur Besbre surveyed in 1766 by sieur Delageneste commissaire and sent in January 1787 by me Feignoux [le Jeune]. Plan drawn in watercolour ink (some tears). Size: 770 x 785 mm. 12) Geometrical plan of the Bruyères du Mey et des Champs, surveyed by sieur Feignoux the elder, land registrar in 1784. Plan drawn in watercolour ink. Size: 540 x 1200 mm. 13) Plan of the Pourrets and Talbots Domain parish of Theil, surveyed by sieur Ferrette, land commissioner in 1784.

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